Connect & Serve

We extend a warm invitation for you to come to “The Creek” and witness firsthand how our church is dedicated to serving one another and making a positive impact on our community. Below, you’ll find a list of our vibrant ministries within the church and our outreach initiatives that extend a helping hand beyond our walls. Join us in this journey of faith, service, and community at Gray’s Creek Church.

Church Ministries

Serving Women

The women’s ministry, led by Kingdom women, is devoted to addressing the spiritual needs of women through engaging in group Bible study, fostering fellowship, and uplifting one another through prayer.

Serving Men

The men’s ministry comprises Kingdom men, dedicated to addressing the spiritual needs of men and seeks to encourage men to love God, love their families, love their church, and to glorify the Lord in all things.

Serving Youth

The Youth Christian Church (YCC) comprises age-specific Christian learning environments: Little Lambs (6 weeks-Kindergarten), Seeds (1st-5th), and Teens Teen Night Thursday (TNT 6th-12th). In a nurturing and loving setting, youth engage in learning God’s Word through Biblical readings, teachings, videos, games, and outings. The Youth Christian Church teaches youth to seek and faithfully serve God while sharing the gospel with others.

Serving Teen Girls

The Teen Girls’ Ministry empowers teenage girls to evolve into Christian women embodying grace, value, self-worth, and leadership. The Teen Girls’ Ministry aims to Equip, Encourage, Educate, and Empower them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Community Outreach Ministries

Serving Men in Prison

In partnership with the Kairos Prison Ministry International, the Men’s Prison ministry is a Christian-based outreach ministry, committed to addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary. Kairos is a ministry whose mission is to develop a Christian community inside prisons. Many of our compassionate members devote substantial time throughout the week, engaging in heartfelt prayers and sharing the transformative gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, we aim to provide spiritual guidance, support, and a pathway to redemption for those within the correctional facility.

Serving Women

with loved ones in prison

In partnership with the Kairos Prison Ministry International, this Christian-based outreach ministry is dedicated to addressing the spiritual needs of women who have loved ones incarcerated at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary. Recognizing the unique challenges, our ministry strives to offer spiritual support, comfort, and a sense of community. Through prayer, counseling, and various outreach efforts, we provide a source of strength and encouragement to these women, fostering a sense of hope and connection during challenging times.

Serving the Homeless

Our homeless ministry extends a compassionate outreach to both men and women, offering essential support at two adopted shelters. The Calvary Rescue Mission for Men, located at 960 South Third Street, Memphis, TN 38106, and Clare’s House Women’s Shelter, situated at 1755 Eldridge Avenue, Memphis, TN 38108, serve as focal points for our ministry’s endeavors. At these shelters, we are deeply committed to addressing the unique needs of those experiencing homelessness. Through various initiatives such as providing meals, offering counseling services, and organizing outreach programs, our ministry seeks to not only meet immediate physical needs but also to offer a sense of hope, dignity, and community.

Serving Lebonheur Patients

Gray’s Creek has adopted the 12th floor of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, bringing hope to ailing children through initiatives like our Teddy Bear Drive, heartfelt prayers, and the demonstration of unconditional love. Additionally, we extend our ministry to the families of these children, offering a listening ear, essential toiletries, and providing catered dinners to support them during challenging times.

Serving Schools

The school ministry is dedicated to offering support to the children and staff at Bruce Elementary School. Through mentoring, the provision of supplies and clothing, homework assistance, and positive interaction with the body of Christ, we aim to uplift and empower the school community. Gray’s Creek is committed to guiding the children toward a path of quality education and enriched lives. Bruce Elementary School is located at 581 South. Bellevue Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38104.

Serving The Elderly

Gray’s Creek has adopted the Rainbow Rehab & Healthcare of Memphis nursing home, offering a range of supportive services. We provide residents with prayer, Bible study, engaging activities, snacks, and meaningful companionship. Located at 8119 Memphis-Arlington Road, Bartlett, TN 38133, the Rainbow Rehab & Healthcare of Memphis is a place where our ministry strives to bring comfort, joy, and a sense of community to those residing there.